Medical Laboratory? Group Medical Practice? Pharmacy? Medical Records Department? Emergency Response Service?

Med Tech 1You are on the front line of life and death situations. So why oh why are you still using antiquated tracking technologies? Your reputation and the lives of others can't afford split-second decisions that go wrong because your tools are not there where you expect them or a patient's care is impacted.

Lab samples go missing constantly. Why not track them accurately, with zero risk of mistakes, instead of relying on barcodes, Sharpies, and human error? Let RFID track from beginning to end, fool-proof.

We hear of EMTs who suddenly realize their oxygen is depleted and the backup tank is not there. Why let this happen? Scan your vehicle in literally three seconds and have your RFID reporter let you know instantly what if anything is missing.

Medical records can go missing. Why not track them through the entire workflow and use an RFID finder to locate them quickly and find the ones missing so you don't have your assistants and nurses and doctors scurrying around looking for phantom folders?

The medical industry talks about delivering better patient care while finding ways to get more out of their budget. Here, finally, is the answer to both problems. Call 844-548-5824 and give us a chance to listen and help.